​"Goodnight, My Friends"

Released in December 2015, this video is the first in a practical series, intended to help the elderly and their caregivers with key activities throughout the day.  This first program provides a half-hour of calming, friendly conversation with Pam, the host; as well as serene, beautiful music and images; all to help people relax and get ready for a restful night's sleep.  

The program is available, free of charge, on the internet (downloadable) and on DVD.  It can be viewed on laptop, smartphone, tablet.  

Take "Goodnight"  with you when you visit a Grandparent!!!

Next Up

New video--"Let's Eat!"  

Production of "Let's Eat!"--the second in our series of practical programs--will begin in January 2016.

"Let's Eat!" will feature:  
Pam and a friend share mealtime with viewers

Original upbeat songs
Colorful, engaging video

And...a big, friendly dog!

ElderReach, Inc. Videos For The Elderly

Advisory Board

Marion Lederman, PhD, Clinical Psychologist.  

    Dr. Lederman is a psychotherapist in private practice in West Hartford and Meriden, CT.

Susan L. Rapport, M.S.W.  

    Ms. Rapport is a retired social worker, with 15+ years of experience in various settings, including hospice, Visiting Nurses, and the Town of Newington, CT.

ElderReach, Inc.,

A non-profit corporation


Founded: 2014

President: Pamela E. Hurt

Based in:  Woodbury, CT, USA


Focus:: Video programming designed specifically to enrich the lives of the elderly; caregiver support.

Our Newest Project  

Millions of elderly people live in nursing homes or other care-giving institutions, and others live with families, or alone.  For nearly all, the biggest challenge they face is loneliness--empty hours or even days. Many turn naturally to television for companionship.  Unfortunately, no TV content and very little on other media is designed specifically for an elderly audience.  Confronted with harsh images, loud and often angry voices, insipid programming, fast-paced and confusing content, many of our elders live out the final years of their lives without exposure to the positive, loving messages that might inspire them.  

It is our mission to change that.  We create and distribute videos specifically for elders. Our program are designed to be uplifting, helpful, and fun.  We test our programs with members of our intended audience--and so far we have gotten thumbs up. 

The ElderReach Team

Board of Directors

Pam Hurt, Founder & President, Host of programs

  • 8+ years volunteering in nursing homes
  • Workforce experience in profit and non-profit
  • Writer and actor (NYC and CT)
  • B.A., Wellesley College, English Literature

Ron Hurt, Vice President,  Marketing and Production

  • Retired communications executive (30+ years)
  • Managed with financial responsibility ($20 M)
  • Award-winning experience in video production

Dave Clarke, Member, Board of Directors, Videographer

  • 20+ years in video production
  • Career Videographer, now Veteran,  U.S. Navy
  • Extensive internet presence (“Microdac”)

Company Profile