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Friendly Visitors!

Are you part of a group that visits the elderly

to offer cheer and companionship?

We can help!

Sometimes it's hard to know how to "break the ice"--

how to start a conversation or keep one going.

Volunteers may be eager, but not sure what to say.

Here's an idea:

Take an ElderReach video with you!  

Watch part of a show together!  

Then talk over what you've seen and heard--or go wherever your thoughts take you!

Reach out to us for

+DVD or internet links

+Tips and advice...

+In-person training for your group!

Email us at

​or call 203-405-6469


All our videos are now available

for viewing--

completely FREE OF CHARGE.

All our full-length shows, as well as our short pieces (music, humor, beautiful video), are now available to view here at our website and on our channel. 

Free DVDs will also be available on request.

We are able to do this thanks to the many people who have donated their talents, their funds, and their encouragement over the past 4 years.