is an important part of every elder's health.  A fall can lead to injury, loss of physical strength and mental well-being during recovery, and even long-term decline.  

Best strategy?  Try to not have a fall happen in the first place!  

Here is a link to expert advice on fall-prevention from a board-certified geriatric physician, Dr. Leslie Kernisan.

Click here to see some additional tips from Pam and friends. 

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This month's free programs are "Let's Eat!" and

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"Let's Eat!" is 40 minutes long.  It's filled with cheerful conversation, a video trip to a grocery store, lively music, and even a game!  Elders can watch while they eat a meal--right along with Pam on video! 

"Goodnight, My Friends" offers 30 minutes of peaceful music, beautiful nature video, and pleasant, relaxing conversation.  Pam keeps viewers company as they ease into a night's sleep.

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Just right for Autumn--a walk in the woods!

Part One of our "Friends for All Seasons" Series


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