"Merry Christmas!"  (2017)

Music, beautiful decorations, cozy conversation, and good cheer!


Featuring the Marble Collegiate Church Choir of NYC, local artists, videographer Dave Clarke, and more!

​(One hour)

Read reviews by viewers and caregivers

User comments were recorded at a series of focus groups, conducted in 2013-2014.  The pilot episode ("Our Time Together") was shown to small groups of elders at three care facilities in Connecticut.  Caregiver comments were recorded at focus groups, follow-up visits, and other meetings.  

​“I felt like somebody thought about how I felt.”[Irene,

age 82, nursing home]

​“I liked everything!  Wow, it was so beautiful!...Singing makes me happy!” [Stella, age 84, nursing home]

"...(V)ery well done.  I'd like to see more!"  [Ed, age 78, adult day facility]

"I believe these videos do wonders." [DS, Director of Therapeutic Recreation, nursing home/rehab community, 2018]

"Our Time Together"  (2014)

The pilot episode.  Sing-along songs, friendly guests, beautiful flowers, and more! 

Comfort, encouragement, and love!

(Approx. 35 mins.)

"Goodnight, My Friends"  (2015)

A half-hour of soothing, music, soft conversation,and candlelight.

(30 mins.) 

Closed captioning


About Our Videos   


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RESEARCH-BASED DESIGN.  Consultations with recreation directors and caregivers, current research, and feedback from elders themselves lead us in crafting shows that are right for our audience in content and style. 

​"Happy Thanksgiving"  (2013)

Religious content.  Made for the House Church at Avon Health Center, Avon, CT.

A half-hour service with music, Bible readings, and a message about love and thanks.

​(Approx. 30 mins.)

​​"Let's Eat!" 


Host Pam keeps viewers company while they have a meal. 

Songs, humor, conversation, a trip to the grocery store, and Daisy the Newfie Dog. 

​(Approx. 45 mins.)

Closed captioning available.



Cheerful, encouraging companionship

for our viewers and support for their caregivers 

A friendly host, engaging guests, a variety of music, and beautiful nature videos. 


    + Commercial-free

    + Paced more sedately than regular TV shows to allow    easier hearing and comprehension

    + Feature music familiar to our viewers

    + Can be viewed on DVD or via internet connection 

    + Can be used in skilled nursing, assisted living, and other care communities, adult day centers, hospitals, and private homes

    +Can be used individually or with groups of elders