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A Note About Donations and Tax-Deductibility

Donations to ElderReach are tax-deductible by the donor. ​

In October 2014, the IRS officially approved ElderReach, Inc. to operate as a non-profit, 501(3)(3) corporation.  

ElderReach acknowledges donations within 5 business days.

Donating on PayPal

Please note that donations made via PayPal are subject to a standard administrative fee of 1.2% charged by PayPal for their services. That means that ElderReach receives 98.8% of online donation amounts, which is also the amount that will be tax-deductible.

Donating by Check

You can also donate by sending a check.  100% of that donation will go to ElderReach.

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 2.  The good old-fashioned way!

Mail your check, made

payable to "ElderReach," 

to this address:

ElderReach, Inc.

55 Transylvania Rd.

Woodbury, CT  06798​​

​Every dollar of every donation goes towards

making encouraging, cheerful, commercial-free

videos for elderly viewers.

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