Why do you talk so slowly on your shows?

The pacing of our shows is specially designed for older viewers.  Hearing and sight can be compromised.  For some, it just takes longer to process the material--so that it can be understood and enjoyed.  

The slower pace also leads to a calmer mood--on the show and in the viewer.  

Why can't people in nursing homes just watch TV?

TV shows are meant to grab you--flashy, fast-paced, sometimes violent.  Programs can be misunderstood by elderly viewers as depicting events occurring in their residence--fire, break-in.  Elder viewers sometimes become distressed, thinking that some troubling event shown on TV has actually occurred in a loved one's life--divorce, accident, death, 

TV programs do not adjust for the emotional, spiritual, or cognitive priorities of the elderly.  

Aren't you making TV a "babysitter" for the elderly person?

We do not intend or want to replace human companionship and interaction.  But we believe we can supplement and enhance it.

People of all ages sometimes use TV as a companion.  TV can be a voice in the room, filling the quiet, when we're not otherwise occupied.  

TV can also be used by a group, providing topics for conversation and ideas for activities.

But the content of what's presented is especially important for the elderly, just as it is for the very young.

I watched a segment.  I found it boring.

Those of us who go out every day--interacting with multiple people in various situations--are used to a fast pace.  We don't take time to smell the roses--or even look at them. 

Our elders--in quieter, sometimes lonelier settings--are not used to a fast pace.  And they do have time--at last--to enjoy the roses, provided they get to see them! 

We make our shows for them.

What is respite video?  Is ElderReach making "respite" videos?

Respite videos are videos meant to occupy a person's attention while the caregiver is busy--making meals, running errands, etc.

ElderReach videos can be used as respite videos.

But...we want our videos to do a lot more than that.  We want to give elders and their caregivers topics to talk about, beautiful videos to watch together, amusing stories to discuss.  Also, we want to tell elders that they are loved and cared about.  

On every show, we say directly to our viewers,


"We love you."

Frequently Asked Questions