A message from Pamela Hurt,

Founder & President of ElderReach​​​

The internet and TV have the potential to connect with ​people whose opportunities to see and hear positive, encouraging messages are limited because of the isolation that can come with aging.

Unfortunately, much of the programming available via TV, DVD, and other means is inappropriate for elderly viewers.  

This is especially true for those with ​mild to moderate dementia, who may confuse the house fire shown on a news program with what is happening just outside their room. Even suitable programming may be delivered at a pace so rapid that the aging person simply cannot process it.  ​​

​​​At ElderReach we offer a new kind of video entertainment and enrichment for the elderly.

Our shows feature engaging conversation, familiar songs, and beautiful nature videos--delivered at a pace that will let our viewers comprehend and enjoy it!

Check out our new show--"Goodnight, My Friends." It's a warm, serene program to help people ease into a restful mood.  For a more lively, daytime program, try our pilot episode!  

Take us with you next time you visit in a nursing home or assisted living facility! Share our shows with the loved one you're caring for at home!  And then let us know what you both think!

Our message to the elderly and those who care for them is simple: 

We want to become a friends with you!

After all, we are all connected!

Regardless of age, each of us has a purpose to fulfill, a gift to contribute, a reason to be here and do our best.​